salad spinner spin art for kids

How To: Salad Spinner Art With Kids

Make Spin Art With a Salad Spinner!

Spin art is one of my all-time favourite process art projects to do with toddlers, and it’s all possible if you have a salad spinner!  


Remember that commercial ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’? That’s what I’m like with spin art.  We go nuts when the spinner is out. 


salad spinner art for kids

Hi, my name's Sophia and I'm addicted to spin art.

Oh, and lettuce has never touched my salad spinner...
salad spinner art for kids

Do I Need Special Equipment?


Though they exist, you don’t need a special machine to spin paint, you can use a salad spinner! Isn’t that exciting?! 


I hope you said yes, but if you don’t get thrills over the idea of spinning paint maybe it’s because you haven’t tried it yet!? 


Spin art with kids is oh so satisfying (if you ask me), for several reasons:

Why Salad Spinner Art?!

  •          Toddlers can actually do this!
  •      It’s not messy! Paint stays in the container.
  •      It doesn’t require any special art supplies.
  •      Great for hand-eye coordination & a mini workout for littles.
  •      Kids of all ages and adults alike find it enjoyable.
  •      The process is terrific and the results can be oh so pretty!
  •      You can even take the paint spinner outside!
  •       Spin art makes great labels, cards, ornaments, collage papers, anything!!
  •      There are built-in learning opportunities when you spin paint!

BONUS: Spin art with my toddlers has been a super way to beat the social distancing blues when time is ticking backwards and we’re really missing our play groups. Just bring out these items to prepare:

What Do I Need for Salad Spinner Art with Kids?

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salad spinner art for kids



Don’t be scared, it’s not terribly messy! Cover your work surface to be on the safe side (or go outside!) and have a space prepared to put your finished pieces out to dry. 

The messiest part is getting your finished art out of the spinner – I usually put a smock on my little guy because he tends to get paint on his fingers and wipe it on his shirt. That’s the extent of the paint mess though. 

The beautiful thing is that the paint stays in the container.  

Which Salad Spinner Should I use?

The IKEA salad spinner is cheap and works perfectly for us. 


I’ve heard of some people using a spinner that has a button to push down (instead of cranking a handle) and is even easier to use apparently – it’s on my list to try.  


Just make sure that whatever spinner you use is fully enclosed once the lid is on, otherwise you might end up with paint splattered all over!

STEAM Learning Opportunities

This is a terrifically STEAM-Y project too!  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  

Take the opportunity to work in some learning with discussions of inertia.

Talk about colour theory – what happens when the colours mix together as they spin? 

Make predictions about what happens when the spinner is moving. 

What happens if you thin out your paint a bit?  

How to Create Spin Art with a Salad Spinner

salad spinner art for kids
  • Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the salad spinner and tape it inside (cardstock or a paper plate works well, regular paper is too thin). 
  • Squeeze paints on top of the paper. Perfect for toddlers.  We usually use IKEA paints, I love the little squeeze bottles.  And when they run out just refill the bottles.
  • Close the lid and SPIN!  It’s a great workout for little ones, even if they might need some help. 
  • Open for the big reveal. Add more paint and spin again if you’re not happy with it. 
  • Carefully remove your masterpiece and put it somewhere safe to dry. 
  • Ooh and ahh over the pretty colours left behind in the spinner. Repeat. 

Warning: you might become addicted.  

Another warning: even if you clean it out, you probably shouldn’t put food in this spinner again. I honestly hardly clean ours anymore, I love the layers of paint left behind. 

salad spinner art for kids

What to Do With Your Salad Spinner Art!?

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Spin art works for every occasion.  If you think I’m kidding, check out all of these fabulous spin art projects:

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