Rainbow Tunnels

My son adores anything to do with vehicles. He is much more likely to engage in an activity if a vehicle is involved, so I try to incorporate his little cars and tractors into most of what we do (and honestly, if I don’t incorporate them intentionally, he adds them to 98% of our activities anyway).

We’re working on colour sorting right now. Since I can’t get enough rainbows (who can!?), my son is obsessed with his vehicles, and I hoard toilet paper rolls, this activity was bound to come about at some point.

I used our Kwik Stix paint markers and coloured toilet paper tubes in rainbow colours. Then I stuck them to some card stock, and put matching coloured vehicles beside it. That’s it. My son matched up the vehicles to their respective colour tunnels.

Later on I taped it up on the wall and we dropped coloured pompoms through the tunnels!