Process Art Jellyfish

This vibrant neon squish painted page is one of my absolute favourites that we’ve ever made. It was begging to be turned into a playful jellyfish! Squish painting is so perfectly simple and wonderful for toddlers if you ask me. Read on below for how we made these (spoiler: so easy).

rainbow jellyfish

Here’s how we made them!  Lay out a piece of paper of your choice. I like to use cardstock and I always put a big poster board underneath to catch spills, or take it outside if we can.

Put paint on the page and then fold it in half or put another page on top and squish! It’s fun to experiment with different pressures and colour mixing to get different results. 

On this page we used a coloured cardstock and those squeeze bottle fluorescent MALA paints from IKEA. Cut out a jellyfish shape, added googley eyes to the front and some scraps of rainbow yarn on the back. A smiley face with a black marker and that’s it! 

rainbow jellyfish

These would make terrific party decorations or crafty take homes for an under the sea theme! But they also look pretty good on my fridge.

I’d love to see your version! Send me a photo or tag @craftymothering on Instagram!