25+ simple easter activities for kids

25+ Simple Easter Activities for Kids

There are so many egg-citing Easter themed activities for kids! 

I’ve rounded up some favourite Easter activities that we’ve done in the past and from around the web. ¬†Over 25 fun and simple Easter themed activities to keep your kids busy! ¬†

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Literacy Easter Activities

Letters in Eggs: Fill plastic eggs with letters.  Have your child open the egg and match the letter to the same one on a sheet of paper, or here I wrote letters on foam eggs. Use block letters or whatever loose letter parts you have, or print and cut out the letters in the download at the bottom of this page. 


easter eggs letters matching game for kids

Letter Egg Hunt & Match: pretty much the same as letter eggs above, but this time hide the eggs around the house and have your child call out the letter each time they open the egg. 


Build a Word: use foam egg shapes or cut egg shapes out of paper. Write a word and cut the egg into strips (one strip per letter). Ask your kiddo to put the word back together. See it here from Jen @baby.bear.went.to.play on Instagram!



Beginning Letter Sounds: Write out some Easter or spring themed words on a sheet of paper but leave out the first letter (or print the version included in the download at the bottom of this page). If you have props for each word, put them beside that word. For example, __ uck with a little duck toy beside it. Help them figure out the beginning letter and write it in. 


Letter Matching: use a permanent marker to write the uppercase and lowercase of a letter on each half of a plastic egg. Separate the halves and challenge your kiddo to put together the upper and lower case letters. The whole alphabet might be overwhelming. Try using just the letters of your child’s name to begin with.¬†See it here from Susie at Busy Toddler!


Easter Arts & Crafts:

Air Dry Clay Eggs: leave it to the fab Meri Cherry to create these lovely splatter painted eggs.


Handprint Carrots: trace your child’s hand on green paper, glue to the top of an orange triangle. Use plain construction paper or use up painted pages from other projects. Here we used an orange paper with paint sticks and dot markers and a green scrape painted page. We make a new carrot each year and decorate the wall at Easter time. It’s cute to see their little handprints get bigger over time.


handprint carrot craft process art for kids

Shake & Roll Painted Eggs: Line a box with some paper (I prefer cardstock) and squeeze in some blobs of paint. Add eggs (we use fake plastic eggs from the dollar store; wooden eggs would be fun too) and move the box around and roll the eggs through the paint. Let the eggs and paper dry and you end up with some lovely painted pages AND decorative eggs that looks great in a centerpiece (throwing them in a bowl on the table counts as a centerpiece, right?). 


roll eggs in paint
roll eggs through colourful paint process art

Rainbow Rice Bunny: one of our favourite projects last year was this bunny covered in rainbow rice. My son squeezed an epic amount of glue all over the cut out bunny. We spread it out a bit and then dumped rainbow rice on top. Such a fun textured look! It did take a very, very, very long time to dry. And sadly the bunny ended up being torn apart in the end. But I’d totally make it again.

Dye Easter Eggs:  classic for a reason!  Try gently colouring on your hardboiled eggs with crayons and then dyeing them. 

cups of colourful water dyeing easter eggs

Spin Painted Bunnies: ¬†spin-art is one of our go-to activities and it is oh so satisfying. This one isn’t quite as easy to set up, but I never regret our spin art projects! ¬†Get all the details on spin art here.¬†

STEM Easter Ideas for Kids

Easter Egg Stacking: see how high you can stack easter egg halves.  See it here from Raising Dragons .

Egg Colour Matching:  match the pompom into the same coloured egg, and the egg into the right spot in the coloured egg carton. 

colourful easter eggs in carton

Graphing Eggs by Colour: set up an easy graph and graph eggs by colour. 

Dot Sticker Eggs: one of our favourite activities from Little Ones Learn.  Great for counting and you end up with decorations for the wall or window too!  See it here! 

Egg Delivery:  I place stuffed animals around the house.  We roll dice and my son has to deliver that many eggs to the various animals around the room “Deliver 6 eggs to the duck by the bookshelf”.  Great for learning direction, one-to-one correspondence and plain old fun.  

Simple Easter Games

You might already have the classic egg hunt ready to go.  Here are some other fun Easter themed games to play with kids. 

Balance the Egg: try challenging your little one to stack eggs on top of paper towel and toilet rolls.  See it here from Mandisa at Happy Toddler Playtime

Egg on Spoon Race: I bet your little one will enjoy this classic challenge! It takes a lot of concentration to try to keep the egg on the spoon! We tend to use fake eggs, just in case. 

Egg Carton Snack: fill up a clean egg carton with snacks. See it here from Teddie @mangosandmayhem on Instagram. 

Egg Toss: toss plastic eggs into a bucket.  See how many you can get in a row. 

Put the Tail on the Bunny: ¬†this should be pin the tail, but we’re not using pins (should it be pin anyway?) Draw a bunny on a big sheet of paper, tape it to the wall (google bunny images, don’t worry if it isn’t perfect!). ¬†Cut out some fluffy bunny tails from white paper (cloud shapes) and put a bit of tape on it. Blindfold your child or ask them to close their eyes and see how they do with getting the tail in the right place!


Easter Themed Sensory Play

Water & Eggs:  as simple as it sounds.  Put plastic eggs in a bin with a bit of water (or add plastic eggs to bath time!).  Add scoops or a whisk and that is it!

plastic eggs and water in a bin

Playdough:  playdough is super fun with plastic Easter eggs. Fill the eggs, stamp the dough with the eggs. I like to offer a bunch of loose parts (mostly from the dollar store) to play with along with the dough.  Head over here for more playdough ideas and our recipe. 

Rice & Eggs:  rainbow rice and fillable plastic eggs are a great combination. 

rainbow rice and easter eggs

Fizzy Eggs: add a bit of baking soda to plastic eggs, and use vinegar with food colouring to make the eggs fizz.  Use eye droppers for a fine motor workout.  

Bake & Decorate Cookies: baking with kids can be a mega mess, I know. ¬†It teaches so many skills though, and I like to hope that my kids will remember baking together when they get older. ¬†Here’s a favourite sugar cookie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie.¬†

What simple activities will you be trying heading into Easter? 

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Printable Easter Eggs + Beginning Letter Sounds Sheet

Grab your free printable egg templates (numbers and letters) and beginning letter sound worksheet.