– clever at achieving one’s aims

– of, involving, or relating to the making of decorative objects and other things by hand.

My name is Sophia, and I want to help you entertain your kids at home!   I live on Vancouver Island with my husband and our two boys (5 and 2). I’m so glad you’ve found my little part of the worldwide web!

When my son was around two years old, I wondered how I could keep him busy and what to teach him. I wanted to give him opportunities to learn about the world around him but didn’t quite know where to start. Now I have gotten really good at planning and putting together engaging activities that are relatively easy to set up! 

Activities that my kids are delighted to discover, keep them entertained, and that I feel good about, knowing that they are engaged and learning through play while I go about doing other things.  I started to share how I entertain the kids and am constantly delighted that some 18,000+ people follow along on Instagram! It’s lovely to hear from so many other parents inspired by our crafts and play. 

I’d love to help keep your kids busy too!  

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Thank you for being here!

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